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Deep cycle batteries store additional solar power, basically turning your home into your own power company. If you are looking at batteries, the chances are that you also need a whole off-grid system, including solar panels, a power center, racking, and more. Solar batteries are deep cycle batteries that offer energy storage for solar, wind, and other renewable power systems. Different from a car battery, a deep cycle battery is intended to handle prolonged, frequent, and deep discharges that are typical in renewable energy systems that are off the grid (separated from an electric utility company) and is a perfect camping gear for you.

Why is Deep Cycle Battery Beneficial?

Solar Battery is a crucial component in a stand-alone renewable electricity system. Whether the solar system is off-grid or the battery-operated bank used as a backup in case of electrical network failure. If you are installing a solar panel, wind, or hydroelectric system that will be bound to your utility grid, you are going to need deep cycle batteries still if you are attempting to use power in the event of an outage. 

Without these batteries, you can only use energy when you create them (i.e., you will not have energy when the sun is not out unless you have the batteries in your solar electric system). In renewable energy systems, a deep cycle battery supplies energy storage to your system. Unlike your vehicle battery, these batteries used in renewable energy applications have been meant to be released and recharged (cycled) repeatedly. 

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Showing all 15 results