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Buy Pool Hose by Camping Offers

If you are looking to buy the perfect Pool Hose then This pool hose is perfect for filter pumps, skimmers, and cleaning accessories with a matching bushing diameter. It carries the water by travelling inside it from one place to another. Our cleaning hose comprises low-density polyethylene (LDPE), making it lightweight and long-lasting. It is also UV and weather resistant. The length of this pool hose is 9,9 meters, and every 1,1 meter is divisible. You can trim the pipe to your specifications.

Benefits of Pool Hose from Swimming Pool Accessories

  1. The tensile and compressive strength of the PVC hose is excellent.
  2. Because the hose wall of PVC hose is exceptionally smooth, water flow resistance is meagre, water transmission capacity is 20% greater than cast iron hose with equal hose diameter, and water transmission effect is very high.
  3. PVC hoses have excellent corrosion and drug resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and are not influenced by moisture or soil pH, resulting in long service life.
  4. PVC hose has intense water tightness; this pipe can keep its water tightness using bonding or rubber ring connections.
  5. PVC hose has strong tensile and thermal stability, can adapt to various environmental conditions, and has a wide variety of applications.
  6. Because PVC hose has a high hardness, it may be used as a drainage pipe, preventing insect and erosion and extending the service life.

How to check the Pool Hose?

Aside from length, size, diameter, and material, there are a few other things to think about while purchasing a garden hose. Check the product’s label for environmental compatibility. Some manufacturers specify that the hose can only be used for irrigation or specialized applications. 

Buy Pool Hose for Swimming Pool Accessories from camping offers

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Showing all 12 results