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Waterproof Luxury Single Mummy Sleeping Bag
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Sleep conveniently using our premium sleeping bags for the best camp experience 

A right sleeping bag is essential to relax you after tiresome camping or hiking throughout the entire day. Our sleeping bags are designed to comfort you in any weather conditions. Camping plans happen at any time of the year in Australia, so you need a sleeping bag that can adapt well to any environmental conditions while regulating your body heat. At Camping Offers, we bring superior quality bags manufactured from quality materials that are highly durable in terms of frequent use, wear and tear and customer satisfaction. The bags we stock on are ideal for individual sleeping and couple sleeping, spacious enough to sleep comfy.    

Awesome camping sleeping bag features will captivate your attention 

Camping Offers has an outstanding collection of camping sleeping bags that are available from some of the best brands in the country such as Weisshorn and Wallaroo. Some splendid features of our bag are internal strap to tighten the sleeping bag, manual and auto temperature setting, manufactured from water-proof material, inner pockets and double zippers for maximal comfort and movement possibility across the slumber.

All our camping sleeping bags are ultralight and compact in style to carry everywhere such that they are also easy on your pockets.  

Showing all 30 results