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Camping Offers

Shop Quality Camping Gear at Cheap Prices

Camping Offers is a leading supplier of camping gear and essentials that you can shop with exciting discount deals. With carrying a vast range of camping equipment, we aim to provide better convenience at a campsite as well as all the way through. What makes us a distinct online hub for outdoor supplies is affordable prices of high-quality gears and a unique Buy Now, Pay Later service. While you browse through our extensive range to find gears according to your checklist, let us give a brief over some best equipment you can buy at our site.

For your ultimate camping checklist, we do have a lot of gears to suit your preferences. However, some of our equipment may not be on your list, but you might want to consider them for better comfort and to add adventure vibes to your trip.

Camping Essentials


Camping Offers has a distinct range of tents available to suit every need, budget, and family for your next adventure. For camping, we’ve our tents available as 2-4 people tents, 4-6 people tents, 7-8 people tents and 10-12 people tents. Our camping tents have been designed with unique features like excellent ventilation system, window-mess screen, removable top cover, sturdy steel frame and a lot more - which all ensure a superb tent experience at the campsite.

For weekend getaways, at a beach or some other place, our pop up tents and beach tents are sure to emerge as perfect beach shelters with tents’ sturdy quality and outstanding features. Pop up beach tents are available in a range of styles and colours that you can make a choice based on your preferences.


You can substitute a tent with a swag, which mostly used for camping at low-temperature places or in wintertime across the country. Swags are usually warmer than tents and equipped with a mat to sleep-over, so choosing swag over tent might be great during winter and on similar occasions. Our range of swags is designed to meet your personal requirements on the camp night with features like heavy-duty zippers, high-density mattress, breathable inner fabric, water-resistant materials and pillows for better comfort.

Swag tents for sale are available in various sizes as double swag tent, single swag tent and king single swag tent, and choosing the best size according to sleeping space will provide you with a better comfort on camp nights.

Sleeping Bag:

All about a sleeping bag is the ultimate camping gear you need to have a calming and relaxing sleeping experience through all camp. With a versatile sleeping bag from us, you will rest assured for absolute comfort in all four seasons as the temperature can be set from -10°C up to 20°C degrees. So make sure you stay relaxed in all seasons with our variety of sleeping bags’ standard features like blanket-mode, waterproof & foldable design, shoulder tightening strap, inner pocket and much more. Like swag tents, sleeping bags can be chosen based on a range of styles, colours and size available as double sleeping bag, single sleeping bag and king single sleeping bag.

Camping Mattress:

In the specific case of choosing a tent over a swag, you need a camping mattress as one of the essential camping gears. After spending a long day at camping or hiking, you indeed deserve a good night’s sleep, and our range of camping mattress is mainly designed for that. Camping mattresses with features like high-density of foam, silky & smooth polyester surface, and water-resistant materials will add more value to the level of comfort.

Camping Offers also has a variety of air mattress which inflates quickly and provides maximum comfort with better sleep relaxation. Available in single, king single, double and queen sizes, you can buy an air mattress from us and prepare a bed instantly to snooze off anywhere.

Camping Chairs & Table:

Having breakfast at sunrise can be great when you savour it with a set of chairs and table. Apart from breakfast and dinner purpose, occupying a set of camping chairs might be useful to enjoy sunset or scenery that is visible from your campsite. With a comfy seat, lightweight elements and sturdy frame, our camping chairs & table emerge as one perfect set in your camping essentials. Buy camping chairs separately or buy a whole set with table, we ensure high-quality & durable products.

Shower Accessories & Camping Toilet:

Anyone can list shower accessories and camping toilet as the most important camping essentials. We’ve shower tents, camping toilet, camping sink and other camping accessories with which, you can get comfortable at the campsite on daily rituals. Camping toilet and shower tent can be bought together in a set or individually based on your choice. Shower and toilet accessories are designed with flexible features and are concerned with privacy, so you’ll stay safe and relaxed about daily morning routines at your camp.

Camping Fridge:

Keep your food fresh and stay cool anywhere you trip with our range of camping fridge freezer. Whether you carry a vast collection of wine or a good deal of food with you, our range of camping fridge is large enough to embrace all your meals and drinks. With smart features and lightweight & portable design, our camping fridge will serve you with refreshing camping experience. Pick the right portable fridge freezer from the available sizes of 20L up to 142L choices.

Camping Light & Torch:

At dusk, there must be ample illumination that can ensure safe and convenient movements around the campsite. You might have chosen the place, where the moon serves with high brightness, but that’s not all enough to support your camping escapades! Our camping lights and torch lights emerge as perfect luminosity for your adventure activities by night. Whether you need a simple torch with more features, or you’re after a smart camping lantern, our range of camping lights and lanterns are sure to impress your needs.

For Adventure

Kayak For Sale:

Camping by the beachside or somewhere surrounding a beautiful river is one of the best outdoor escapades ever. Likewise, kayaking is one of the most popular watersports adventures explored across the country. Camping Offers stocks a range of kayak for sale in inflatable designs that are suitable for multiple kayaking activities. Our inflatable kayak for sale is the best adventure partner with bold features like safety valves, adjustable seat with cushions, heavy-duty handles and plenty of more. Available in 2-seat, 3-seat and 4-seat varieties, our kayaks for sale are ideal to encounter a daring adventure with other kayaking companions.

Stand up paddle board:

Camping gets more thrilling when you add a stand up paddle board in your gear list. Stand up paddle boarding is fun water sporting with major activities like sightseeing, fitness, SUP racing, SUP yoga and a lot more ventures based on a number of people to join the activity. Our SUPs available in a range of styles, designs and colours give you plentiful choices to pick out the best stand up paddle board for your needs and attitude.

More Best-Selling Gear

Marquees & Gazebos:

Get a huge marquee from us that is suitable for a range of outdoor events like parties, shows, fairs, fetes, markets and sporting events. Some of our marquees & gazebos are also fitting to wedding events, receptions and other celebrations with enclosed walls ensure a safe and warm experience inside.

Water Tanks:

It’s great to keep an extra water tank along with if in case your camper’s water tank dries out while you still camp. Our portable water tank is lightweight enough for easy transportation and easy to clean and operate with its smart design.

Gas Water Heater:

The ultimate camping checklist for winter must add a gas water heater to enjoy the warmth of hot shower at the campsite. Whether you are camping or hiking, our portable gas water heater helps you stay warm during camping in the wintertime and at frozen places anywhere across Australia.

Anywhere you camp, anyplace you explore; Camping Offers always has something unique at great prices for its buyers across Australia. Our camping gear range is the widest, and you’ll shop high-quality equipment sitting at your home while planning your next trip. Along with high-quality gears and cheap prices, we believe to ease-up your payments, so you stay relaxed & enjoy your time at the camp. Selecting any of our best payment options as Afterpay, Humm, Zippay and Laybuy - you can buy camping gear now and pay later in easy instalments. Buy Camping Gear Now, Camp Now and Pay Later.

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