Annex Floor Mat

Annex Floor Mat

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Going to camp but are afraid of challenging terrains that are tough for knees and floor. You can never find a better ground to sit or lay on because there is dirt all around, and your regular sheet can not work against the ground, so buy floor mats for camping and outdoors from Camping Offers that must be your essential camping gear. 


The annex matting is explicitly designed for outdoor use. They are made with PVC with a layer of foam inside them to have comfortable ground to sit or lay while you are travelling or camping. You can apply these floor mats on grass, stone, or any environment. They are weather resistant to work in any weather situation. The surface is breathable and dust permeable. It has a rubber feel that does not let it slip away and stay attached to the ground. Annex matting is UV resistant so that it can handle the harmful rays of the sun. The floor mats are easily foldable so that they can reside in your camping gear, and you can take them along with you while camping and travelling. 

Price and payment

The price offered by Camping Offers for floor mats is budget-friendly for everyone because we offer the best sale discounts on our products so that you can get your camping gear in less than half of the original price. You can pay through feasible methods and choose the method which suits you best while placing your order. You can also buy now pay later service through Afterpay, to pay quickly afterwards through instalments. If you have insufficient money at the time of placing your order.