Caravan Electric Jockey Wheel Buying Guide

If you’re looking to replace or update your electric jockey wheel, you’ve come to the right spot. Before you decide, there are a few simple things to consider. Do you require a small box trailer, a horse float, or a dual axle caravan? Do you disconnect and depart in the exact location, or do you need to utilize the jockey wheels for caravans to get around? Is it necessary to be tall – do you have a high off-road camper?

Jockey wheels for caravans are an essential part of any trailer, but mainly a caravan. The issue is, not all jockey wheels and caravan covers for caravans are created equal, and finding one that fits your caravan is critical – after all, the last thing you want to happen on your vacation is for the electric jockey wheel to break!

Factors To Consider For Caravan Jockey Wheel

There are a few things to consider when choosing electric jockey wheels for caravan

First and foremost, the measurements of your van – including its size, weight, and drawbar height – are critical, as you’ll want to ensure that the electric jockey wheels you choose are physically capable of handling your vehicle. 

Second, your tow vehicle and any towing-related accessories you may have, such as a stone guard. If you’re towing a large caravan with off-road suspension and big tyres with a customized 4WD, for example, the entire setup will be much higher off the ground than if you’re towing with a regular truck sedan or station wagon. 

Finally, think about the types of destinations and locations you’ll be towing your van to. If you want to remain in a caravan park in town with a firm base/concrete slab to set up your van, your needs will be very different from someone who wants to complete a lap of the country and pitch up camp in extreme and lonely bush places.

When selecting electric jockey wheels, consider the type of caravan it will be used on, the diameter you require, whether you need smooth or serrated electric jockey wheel, or if a retracting jockey wheel will be a great choice. However, if you choose a retractable coupling, make sure there isn’t already a grip on the coupling and a multi-hole mounting plate where it can be fastened.

Types Of Caravan Jockey Wheels

After you’ve thought about your specific requirements, you’ll want to explore your possibilities. Here are some of the options you’ll come across and should think about based on your needs:

Jockey Wheels (Standard)

A typical jockey wheel with a maximum height extension of 250mm, a solid rubber tyre, and a load capacity of 350kg. While they are a reliable and cost-effective solution, they are only ideal for mild towing.

Electric Jockey Wheels Of The Highest Quality

Premium jockey wheels for caravans, such as these, are a high-quality and attractive option. They are rated up to 350kg with solid rubber tires and powder-coated rims. The Easy-tilt swivel system clamp handle and fold-away winding handle are just a few of the nifty minor features they have.

Heaviest Duty Wheels For Jockeys

Heavy-Duty Electric jockey wheels, such as this one, are available in either fixed or swivel configurations. It includes a high 500kg load capacity as well as sealed bearings to protect the wheel in an off-road situation. There are Heavy-Duty Electric jockey wheels options with both 8in and 10in wheels. Hence, whether you’re searching for price or mobility, you’ll find something to suit your needs.

Electric jockey wheels with Pneumatic Tires

The 10′′ Pneumatic Jockey Wheels, for example, have a big 10in the inflatable tire that is specially intended to handle rough ground conditions. As a result, they’re ideal for off-roading, towing, and camping in sand or other soft terrain with camping gear.

Motorized Jockey Wheel 

There are now motorised jockey wheels and the more conventional plastic, rubber, and inflatable electric jockey wheels. We mentioned them briefly in my previous post about caravan motor movers. The core issue is related to my earlier discussion on ground conditions in this post. With a motorized jockey wheel, you’re attempting to push and pull a caravan with a single little wheel. Even on a hard surface, the jockey wheels are unlikely to have enough traction without slipping to drive the caravan in a controlled manner.

Carrying a caravan, van, or boat trailer on the road should be reasonably straightforward, but it becomes more complicated when towing heavy goods in small spaces with limited maneuverability. That’s where motorized electric jockey wheel come in handy!

These electric jockey wheels have a compact 12 V 350 W electric motor to assist you in big parking trailers. These wheels have it all. From automatic braking, and forward and reverse functions, to control lever so you can maneuver your trailer without lifting a finger!

Benefits of electric jockey wheels

The motor with the electric jockey wheels. This is an attractive option if you have more than one caravan that you tow and park regularly or if you want to change your caravan regularly. Many folks often vacation with another family or even seasonally park their caravan with pals.

When you first arrive at a campsite, parking on a tough spot with half the campsite watching you can be intimidating. This is why any caravanner requires jockey wheels. This item is frequently disregarded and given little thought, but it has the potential to improve your caravanning experience ultimately. Taking the time to think about which solution is ideal for your needs and investing in either a jockey wheel or a stationary motor mover can bring a lot of value.

The jockey wheels are very good on wet surfaces and the jockey wheels are very efficient. Without them, nothing can be imagined. Moreover, no force is applied due to this technology as the pressure was used on the simple caravan jockey wheel.

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