Snake Repellent

Snake Repellent

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Snakes are everywhere. If you are camping, there is a high possibility you might encounter a snake or two somewhere during your journey. Encountering them on your trip may be dangerous and even deadly, and they should be avoided at all costs to ensure a safe and smooth sailing camping trip. Want to throw these snakes off your trail before even meeting them? We have a perfect category of products to add to your camping gear that will help make your journey as snake-free as possible.

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These snake repellent devices can work up to 120 hours after fully charged, needing 8 hours to do so, and use ultrasonic sound waves with an effective range of approximately 30 square meters to throw the snake’s senses out of order as they think of these waves as danger, which avoids them from coming in your direction. The snake repellers do not contain any chemicals and are therefore eco-friendly as well as being built to resist rust and corrosion, making them must-have equipment in your camping gear.  We strive to provide high-quality products, and these snake repellers are no different. Built to withstand the numerous weather conditions you can face while out camping including and not limited to rain and scorching sunlight. It uses solar panels as a power supply which is convenient during a camping trip, as the snake repeller device will have its own power source and will not be at risk of running out of battery. 

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Camping Offers provides a wide range of devices with their prices on our website including further descriptions of each Snake repellent devices and its features.